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Need legal help?

Consultations are always free and the lawyers don’t get paid until you get paid.

LegalRideshare represents injured Uber®, Lyft®, and delivery workers after car accidents. The law firm fights for drivers and recovers the costs of medical treatmen, lost wages, and pain/suffering.

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Looking for ways to increase your income?

Track your mileage and performance for free.

Gridwise is the #1 rideshare and delivery assistant. Rideshare and delivery drivers use Gridwise to maximize their income and save thousands a year on taxes. Contact us directly if you’re interested in free Gridwise Plus.

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Paid time off for gig workers

Driver has partnered with to form the Driver Income Shield. Get 1 month free!

Driver Income Shield replaces 80% of your lost income while your car is repaired after an accident or if you become unfairly deactivated. Contact us directly if you’re interested in receiving more than 1 month free.

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Need tow and roadside assistance?

With Driver Roadside, you can get access to Honk’s network of service vehicles for free.

With over 75,000 service vehicles across the U.S., HONK has the industry’s most trusted and secure network of independent service provider partners. HONK is built around the customer.

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Wish you could listen to your messages?

With our partnership with Ping, you can now hear all your messages and emails out loud while driving for free.

Ping is the only patented voice platform for iOS, Android and Alexa that can read email, text, WhatsApp, Slack and all other messages out loud when looking at your phone is impractical or illegal (like driving).

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Does your fleet suffer from distracted driving?

NOCELL effectively mitigates cell phone usage while driving and enforces compliance with your corporate safety policy. Nocell Technologies adds a commercial-grade solution that is proactive – enforcing policy and keeping your drivers free from mobile device distractions. NOCELL’s hybrid hardware/software solution combines a phone application for device management and a fleet manager portal to customize policy and create custom alerts to monitor driver behavior.

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