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Join our elite group of testers and help improve the Driver Dash Cam App for everyone. As a thank you, all the benefits listed in this page come at 0 cost to you.

Casey’s here to explain more about the program 👉

Join our elite group of testers and help improve the Driver Dash Cam App for everyone. As a thank you, all the benefits listed in this page come at 0 cost to you.

Casey’s here to explain more about the program 👇

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What’s Driver Insiders Group?

Although we’re the #1 dash cam app in the App Store, we are not satisfied and we need your help to take the next step to change the industry. As a thank you for your help, we’ll give you all the tools you need to get started along with additional prizes along the journey!

Get a Driver issued brand new iPhone SE 2020 and an unlimited data plan for testing.

Exclusive Perks.

Income Protection. Roadside Assistance. Weekly Rewards. Video Cloud Storage.* Gas Rewards.*

*Perks coming soon ✌️

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Driver Insiders Group?

This is a program built for power users of the Driver app who are willing to help us provide feedback and test the app. Our goal is to build a product that can help as many professional drivers as possible. Your feedback and ideas on how to make this product great will hopefully change how professional drivers protect themselves on the road.

What is Driver's current goal?

Be the Google Maps of dash cams – you no longer need to pay $100s to purchase a dedicated dash cam, instead just use your phone. But we also want to go one step further – Make our roads safer with AI technology that alerts you of potential collisions.

Why do we need your help?

We know that our dash cam feature is very stable for commuters, but we don’t really know how well the app works for professional drivers. We need your frequent feedback on how you use the app and how the app can be improved for your usage. We need more data to improve our AI models on how to detect cars and predict collisions.

What perks do I get?

We will host raffles on our private Facebook Group which you get access to, which will allow you to win gift cards, prizes, swag, and much more! But on top of that, as a thank you, you get access to the latest features that we’re working on all for free when others might have to pay for it like Cloud Storage! Get free roadside assistance throughout the US, Gas Rewards (coming soon), unlimited Cloud Storage access, and income protection!

Do I get to keep the iPhone?

Unfortunately, we do request that you return these phones to us if you decide that you no longer want to be part of the Driver Insiders Group. These iPhones come with an unlimited data plan, which you’re free to use while on the program, as per the Driver Insiders Group Membership Agreement. These iPhones are the property of Driver Technologies.

I really want to join! How do I get started?

All you need to do is click on the sign up button at the top of the page. Alternatively, you will find the sign up page when you interact with the videos! We will send you special testing versions of the app that are not available to the public. This way you can try out the latest! We will also send you a dash mount if you need it.

Can I invite my friends?

Yes! You can invite your friends who drive for rideshare/delivery/gig, just send them the link to this website. Although this program is limited, so if it’s full, they will be put on a waitlist.

What is my responsibility?

Just use Driver whenever you’re driving – groceries, laundry, driving for Uber, Postmates, anything! We just want to get your feedback on the app on a regular basis. If it doesn’t work, we want to know about it! If you have an idea on how to make it better for your usage, let us know! In every situation, just contact Casey. 

The biggest thing we ask from you is to stay in touch and to please reply us either through text, email, or calls. We won’t abuse this, but we do want to stay in contact. We maintain the right to kick you out of this group if you fail to communicate with us.

How do I report bugs?

For now, just contact Zhi! But we will soon develop a more formal process for this.

Is there a Facebook Group that I can join?

Yes! We’ve created a private Facebook group for all Driver Insiders Group members where we will post news on the very latest in the Driver app. This is also where we will host raffles for you to win prizes and rewards.

How do I contact Driver?

Once you’re a member, you’ll not only have a number and email to contact Casey ( at any time, but you can also reach us at or through the chat bot in the website.

Why is Driver calling me?

We want to actually get to know you because we actually care about you. We actually want to build a relationship with you. I’m sure you’d agree that it’s a bit tough if we can’t talk to you. Beyond that, we actually want to improve your experience with the product and if possible improve your life.

How do I leave the Driver Insiders Group?

Just contact Casey! You can leave at any time. We are also very reasonable, if you have helped to contribute to this program and to further our mission, we will be sure to work something out such that you do not leave empty handed.

Is this available outside of the US?

Unfortunately, this program is currently only available in the US. But if you really want to join this group, we can try to work something out, so just reach out to

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