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The global landscape

Driver death is a global problem

Prioritizing road safety can make a difference. It is one of the most overlooked ways of saving lives. In 2016, road traffic accidents accounted for 1.35 million deaths. This gives traffic accidents a higher death total than HIV/AIDS or Tuberculosis. To make matters worse, the numbers continue to climb and are expected to double by 2030. While life-saving car

technology is available commercially, it is out of reach to most people due to its cost. Vehicle accidents cost emerging markets 1-3% of GDP, significantly offsetting development aid and investment. Globally, even in higher-income cities like New York City, negative traffic accident outcomes are seen to be directly correlated with lower income.


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deaths occur in low/mid-income countries


20-50 Million

disabled or injured victims each year



loss in GDP over the next 24 years

Leading cause


in deaths for people 5-29 years of age

Where we live

Taking Driver international

We partner with organizations who share our common vision are equally impatient to make real change in the world. Note that even in the U.S., the average car is 12 years old and getting older (with decreasing car sales), with many consumers driving 10-20 year-old vehicles. Together, we can reduce the amount of lost time, energy, and money.

United States & Canada

With the help of our amazing partners in Allstate, we can not only bring the best-in-class car safety technology to consumers, but also provide auto insurance discounts. Our partners in RBC Ventures and Drive will also soon ensure that every Canadian has access to forward collision alerts.


As part of our commitment to continuous innovation, we are partnering with traffic and mobility leader SWARCO to deliver additional smart city capabilities to the European market.


We are partnering with logistics, AI and innovation organizations to deliver Driver at scale in China.

Southeast Asia

Coming soon. We can promise that we are doing our very best to bring life-saving technology to Southeast Asia.

Let’s move the world together.

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