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Driver is the dash cam app that helps you record your trips, protect you from liability, and empower you to save on car insurance. Driver users have saved up to $678 on their car insurance for the exact same coverage.

Car insurance premiums are based heavily on a user’s credit score, which we believe is unfair. We believe how much you pay for car insurance should be based on how good a driver you are. The result is a must-have tool for any driver. Driver is not an insurance company. Driver is a tool to help you get better car insurance rates based on how well you drive.

Insurance companies factor your credit score, age, gender, vehicle type, miles driven, claims history, among other factors into your monthly insurance premium. In order to obtain safe-driving discounts, insurance companies require customers to install “Bluetooth beacons” to obtain telematics data. Without needing to install any devices in your car, Driver summarizes your driving into a score, which is grouped and anonymized into several buckets. If you are interested in shopping for a lower rate, we let insurance companies know that we have found an awesome driver worthy of great discounts, all while protecting your identity.


Drive for 20 hours to unlock savings on insurance!  We anonymize and aggregate your driving performance, sorting you into a generic bucket (e.g. Great – Good – Fair – Needs Improvement) of drivers eligible for discounts. When you are ready to share your score, insurance companies give you an offer based on if you are great, good, or fair at driving.


DriverScore is a proxy for how insurance companies rank your driving ability. DriverScore rates your driving on factors like if you slam on the brakes, do burn-outs, and speed. By referencing your DriverScore, you can gain a little insight into how insurance companies reward good driving. Note: DriverScore is only a tool. It does not reflect your exact discounts. Use Driver to settle any old debates on who the best driver truly is! Our algorithm needs a minimum of 10 hours worth of driving data to calculate your DriverScore.

Insurance Offer

Congrats! By clicking on your personalized offer that’s associated with your driving ability, you will get sent to the insurer’s website where you fill out your quote. If you don’t get an offer, keep trying! Sometimes our insurance partners need to see a little more safe-driving behavior before they feel comfortable offering you a higher driving discount.


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